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Acrobatic Dance

Our Acrobatic Dance classes are great for children aged 2.5 and upwards. We have a special Preschool programme for children aged 2.5 – 4 years old. Children start learning acro positions, locomotive skills, balance skills, cooperation and social skills, whilst having lots of fun! We use lots of props to help build children’s confidence whilst learning, and our picture cards are a great way to keep learning enjoyable.

Our main Acrobatic Dance programme is suitable for children aged 4 and upwards and these classes focus on our level cards, learning progressions of Cartwheels, Handstands, Bridges, Flexibility, Strength etc and moving up each level when all skills can be demonstrated correctly. All classes are taught by qualified Acrobatic teachers alongside all the Acro/gym mats for safety.


At Claire Andrews Dance Academy we run Ballet classes for children aged 2.5 and upwards. Students study the ISTD Imperial Classical Ballet syllabus from Pre-Primary to Grade 6 and then onto the vocational levels. We hold optional examinations and class examinations for all the grades, which improves the confidence and technique of students and develops the sense of dance, poise and musicality.

Boogie Kids

This class is different to any other class we offer at the school and is lots of fun! I know lots of children have lots of energy and don’t like being told to stand still etc. and just want to dance non-stop! Well, this class is perfect for children not wishing to do any exams and coming to dance for fun. They will be dancing to pop songs and having a boogie, and at the end of the class performing the dances with our DISCO lights and having lots of fun!! This class is suitable for children (boys & girls) aged 4 years and upwards.

Holiday Camps

Claire Andrews Dance Academy holds holiday camps throughout the year. We provide fun, exciting camps for children of ages 4+ with a range of different activities and themes. Children will be dancing, singing, doing arts and crafts, face painting, playing fun games, discos etc – a whole lots of fun especially in the long summer holidays!

Musical Theatre

Students will study three modules in this class – Dance, Drama and Singing, and will work towards a small production per term. In drama your child will develop confidence in speaking and learning lines from a script and performing as a character in front of an audience. In singing we cover ensemble and solo work, building confidence and stage presence. We cover different styles in dance, and learn different routines, which will improve your child’s ability to retain choreography and to perform in shows and festivals throughout the year.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are perfect for children who need to build on their dance technique and self-confidence, with the possibility of then joining a group classes further down the line when they feel ready. We tailor these classes to the needs of the children and work together to provide fun, productive classes. Private classes vary from a 30-minute class upwards.

Pre School Classes

Our Pre-school Ballet classes start from 2 and a half years. Our loveable teddy, Melody Bear is the centre our classes, the focal point of the early years curriculum, and all her activities, stories, ideas and dreams can be told through dance and movement. The carefully planned learning experience of each child ensures a successful transition from one stage to the next. Our Ballet classes use lots of props and the children have continuous fun and can’t wait until next time to see Melody Bear!

We also run Pre-School Acro classes for children 2 and a half to 4 years.

Tap & Modern

Children from the age of 4 can start learning the ISTD Tap and Modern syllabus. Tap is the most enjoyable and rhythmic forms of dance, making it very popular with children. Modern is a less formal environment than Ballet and children are encouraged to use their expression and musicality. This is a lovely way to build confidence, technique and performance. Children will learn steps and fun routines in classes and will work towards optional examinations or dance performances.


Our lyrical dance classes are perfect for children who want to dance freely, with more movement and fluidity than our Ballet classes. We focus on technique and how our body moves from one movement to another using different levels, floor and contact work. Expression and performance come from within and we work really hard to express this through softer movements.

Street Dance

Our Street dance class is a non syllabus style of dance and has become very popular in the commercial industry since 2002. We encourage students to be brave and express themselves with this complex, tricky but very fun style of dance. Once mastered it can become an incredibly effective art form and brings great spirit into the classroom allowing students to demonstrate individual tricks and abilities. Students will learn different moves and steps, putting them together in a routine to their favourite dance music. This is a very popular class for both boys and girls.

Dance Squad

By invite only, children who participate in more than 3 dance classes at CADA and show great commitment, motivation and love for dancing get to join our Dance Squad team. We focus on technique, performance skills and learn a range of different routines to showcase in our annual shows and other performance opportunities. In the past we have performed at Disney Land Paris, Blackpool Tower and local dance festivals and we look forward to future performances.


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